Margaret M

My husband has lived at the Gables for a year and a half. I rest easy because I know he is safe and well cared for. He is in a HOME with 7 others and 1 or 2 staff which is a great ratio. They have their own kitchen, living room and dining room. He tells me the food is good and from what I have seen it is true. It is a flat price for everything and because they are not charging me extra for laundry or administering medication, I know exactly what my bill will be at the end of the month. If I see something that seems off, I go directly to the Head Nurse or the Owner. They ALWAYS respond appropriately and in a timely manner. They treat me with respect and kindness even if I am bring an issue to their attention. No, it isn’t like having them at home. I don’t think any place would meet those standards. Nevertheless, I know he is safe, well fed, able to be outside and has his own private room. It is very much a community in progress. One that I am thrilled to have found.